Cravencrow Costuming

Whether you're looking for the highest quality hats for witches and wizards or if you're in the market for a majestic new cape or cloak, Cravencrow Costuming has the perfect accessory to complete your fantasy costume.

Classic Wizard Hats

Peak wizard aesthetic. Our classic wizard hat style has a large sloped... 

Unique high quality costuming, all handmade in Texas!

  • Winter Wanderer Slate Blue cloak with Blue water resistant lining

    A full circle cloak, lined with a water resistant nylon fabric. The hood of this cloak is very deep and the cloak itself is very heavy and warm. Perfect for cold weather days at your favorite renaissance festival!

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  • Traveler's Cloaks

    A lightweight cotton cloak with a water resistant lining and two interior pockets. Perfect for spring days at your local renaissance festival.

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  • Butterfly witch hats

    The perfect accessory to your magical garb. Use these hats to kickstart your adventure!

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Winter Wanderer Cloaks

Winter Wanderer Cloaks

Heavy and warm, these full circle cloaks are fully lines with a...